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MHE Services for Vendors and Analysts

MHE provides a variety of services to vendors and analysts in the electronic document space. These services are available around the world, and MHE has already done projects for satisfied vendor and analyst clients in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy.

Technical Education

MHE has taught detailed, customized technical education on the nature of the electronic print streams used throughout the industry to a number of well-known document industry hardware and software vendors, in both North America and Europe.

In particular, MHE offers 'down to the bit level' courses on Xerox Metacode, IBM's AFP/MO:DCA, and HP's PCL, targeted at software developers and senior technical support personnel. Especially in the insurance industry, the odds are very high that you have licensed software in-house that was created by developers trained by MHE.

Whitepaper creation

MHE has experience in creating a variety of whitepapers for both external and internal use. MHE's reputation for independence will add value to your product or service. MHE has already created for its clients:

  • whitepapers with your company branding that address current market or technology issues
  • strategic planning and product positioning
  • product marketing/management
  • competitive analysis
  • product analysis and selection - have you ever had a 3rd party with many years of direct product development and management experience review your software offerings from the customer's point of view?

Software Product Management

MHE can provide experienced software product management on electronic document software, both from the technical and the marketing point of view.

MHE's principal has directly managed:

  • The first AFP to Metacode transform, which is still in use after 25 years
  • The leading policy assembly and distribution software product for the insurance industry in the 1980s and 90s
  • The winner of the Product of the Year award in 2000 by Imaging and Document Solutions

Problem print analysis

MHE specializes as an "independent laboratory" to analyze your print problems in AFP, Metacode/DJDE, PCL, XES/UDK, Postscript, and the other formats used within the industry. Rather than having your employees waste weeks on print problems they cannot solve, instead consult with MHE, who will provide a formal printed analysis of the problem and a report on how to solve or work around the problem within a matter of days or even hours.

MHE has represented vendors when customers had persistent difficulties with the vendor was confident was not the fault of the vendor software - send in MHE to determine the problem: your customer feels more comfortable with a 3rd party indepedent consultant and you have freed up your own employees while getting the problem solved.

Executive Management

MHE's principal has had executive experience in the software vendor space as well as in being the General Manager/CEO of Xplor International, the non-profit trade association for the electronic document industry. He has managed more than 20 employees and a budget of over 3 million dollars (USD) as CEO, and has been a vice-president (Product Marketing) for a publicly-held international software company.


  • Software vendor for leading document generation, data extraction, print stream transformation, and archival software products
  • Consultant to a variety of vendors in the electronic document/print space
  • Specific, detailed experience in document applications in insurance
  • Experience in correspondence, billing, statement, notices, and other document applications in financial services and utilities
  • Frequent speaker at both Xplor (print and Web) and AIIM (ECM) events
  • Multiple professional designations: 
    • Electronic Document Professional (EDP) – Xplor
    • Master in Information Technology (MIT) – AIIM
    • Laureate in Information Technology (LIT) – AIIM
    • Certified Document Imaging Architect (CDIA) – CompTIA
  • Former General Manager of Xplor International, the international trade association for transaction printing and electronic documents
  • Have performed document consulting work in the North America and Europe

copyright MHE 2008

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