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About MHE

MHE is the print2image2Internet consulting firm, which helps user companies effectively communicate information through a variety of media while at the same time helping vendor companies successfully market, design, and implement products and services in the electronic document space. MHE has the unique experience of having completed projects that implement all three phases of document communication:

·        creating information in electronic print and Internet streams

·        archiving that information into imaging and content management systems

·        making that information available again via print and the Web.


In addition, MHE's executive management experience enables MHE to plan and present solutions for the highest levels of enterprise management.


MHE has done consulting for the electronic document software vendor community in North America and Europe; in addition, both principals of MHE have lived in Europe (Italy and the U.K.). MHE counts as current clients several multi-national software vendors who have offices in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and at various locations in the EMEA.

MHE was founded in 1994 by two veterans of the electronic printing industry: William J. 'Bill' McCalpin, EDP, CDIA, MIT, LIT, and Chris Halicki, EDP.

The principals of MHE belong to Xplor International  and AIIM International , and have been active in both organizations. MHE strongly believes in the benefit that these industry organizations bring to the rapidly unifying electronic document space.

MHE is also a strong supporter of EDSF .




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