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MHE Services for Users

MHE provides a number of specific, targeted services for users of electronic document systems and document printing systems:

Document application design

  • Document management planning for both document generation and document archival
  • Redesign document generation and management systems in light of changing client requirements and newer technologies

Vendor research

  • Create RFPs on electronic document projects, for both hardware and software
  • Perform custom research on hardware and software solutions in the electronic document space and draft appropriate solution for client

Client advocate

  • Solve chronic document application problems, where:
    • The client doesn’t have the time or know-how to document the problem and build the test case
    • The client doesn’t understand what the vendor is saying
    • Multiple vendors are pointing fingers at each other

Technology research

  • Research and present studies on the best document architectures, even on a low level (AFP versus Postscript versus IJPDS versus PDF, etc.)
  • Explain technology fundamentals to clients, e.g., PDF versus XML, etc.


  • Software vendor for leading document generation, data extraction, print stream transformation, and archival software products
  • Consultant to a variety of vendors in the electronic document/print space
  • Specific, detailed experience in document applications in insurance
  • Experience in correspondence, billing, statement, notices, and other document applications in financial services and utilities
  • Frequent speaker at both Xplor (print and Web) and AIIM (ECM) events
  • Multiple professional designations: 
    • Electronic Document Professional (EDP) – Xplor
    • Master in Information Technology (MIT) – AIIM
    • Laureate in Information Technology (LIT) – AIIM
    • Certified Document Imaging Architect (CDIA) – CompTIA
  • Former General Manager of Xplor International, the international trade association for transaction printing and electronic documents
  • Have performed document consulting work in the North America and Europe

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